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Common Warning Signs of an Alternator Problem

Common Warning Signs of an Alternator Problem

A faulty alternator can cause the battery's power reserve to become drained, leaving the engine unable to fire up. When you first notice evidence of an alternator problem, it's best to get to the shop so the mechanic can conduct an inspection. At CNC Automotive & Diesel Repair, our local mechanics are highly experienced with alternator and electrical system repair in the greater Troy, MO area.

Common Symptoms of Alternator Trouble

A dead battery is a problem that is commonly associated with alternator failure. However, a dead battery doesn't automatically mean that there's an issue with the alternator. There are many reasons why car batteries die, such as old age, loose/corroded connections, parasitic draws, and forgetting to turn off headlights. But if there's no other obvious culprit for your dead battery, then there's reason to further investigate your alternator.

Another common sign of alternator trouble is an illuminated dashboard warning light. Commonly, this light turns on in the shape of a small battery. However, this warning light in your car may instead come on as the letters GEN or ALT. It's always important to promptly identify the underlying issue that is triggering a warning light. This way, the problem can be addressed before it gets worse.

There's also cause for concern with your alternator if your car's electrical accessories aren't working properly. Today's vehicles commonly have computers that can determine which electrical accessories should have their power supply diminished (such as power seats or power windows) when the alternator isn't working properly. This saves power for the car's most crucial electrical functions, such as headlights. That said, an alternator issue can cause headlights to start dimming/flickering.

Alternator and Auto Electric Repair in Troy, MO

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