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Recognizing Signs of Brake Trouble

Recognizing Signs of Brake Trouble

There's no system in your vehicle that is more important to your safety than your brakes. You just never know when a distracted or intoxicated driver is going to shoot right through a stop sign. In such a frightening situation, you need your brakes to work perfectly. When you first notice a sign of brake trouble, you'll want to bring your vehicle to the shop for a thorough inspection. Here's a look at seven common signs that you need brake repair.

ABS Light Illuminates

These letters are short for anti-lock braking system. If they light up on your dashboard, then an issue with your brakes has been detected and you'll want to soon bring your vehicle to the shop so the problem can be identified and addressed.

Squealing Sound

A high-pitched squealing noise is likely to arise if the small piece of metal attached to the brake pad starts to rub against the rotor.


If your brakes are grinding, then your brake pads have likely become dilapidated. In this scenario, your discs could become prone to damage.


When corrosion causes a caliper to seize up, the vehicle may veer off to one side when the brakes are engaged. This is not just a significant mechanical problem, but also a safety concern because you no longer have complete control over your vehicle's trajectory. This is a problem that definitely needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Soft Brake Pedal

Moisture or air in the braking system could cause your brake pedal to easily fall to the floor when you step down on it.


Vibrations that come from your brakes could be due to warped rotors.

Brake Fluid Leak

When brake fluid leaks, it tends to accumulate beneath the master brake cylinder or alongside a tire. For optimal braking system function, you'll want to always operate with the right amount of clean fluid.

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