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When your vehicle first starts struggling to start, you'll want to bring the issue to a mechanic's attention. If you delay, the problem is liable to worsen to the point that your vehicle won't fire up whatsoever and you end up stranded. Here's a look at seven common problems that prevent cars from starting up.

Bad Starter

If you stick your key in the ignition and turn it, but get nothing except a clicking sound, then you've got a classic sign of starter failure. Eventually, standard wear and tear can lead to the failure of the starter motor and solenoid.

Failing Fuel Pump

Signs of fuel pump trouble include poor acceleration and sputtering at high speeds. A healthy fuel pump enables gas to reliably move between the tank and engine.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Once a fuel filter gets completely clogged up, it can prevent your engine from taking in the fuel it needs to fire up. By getting to the shop for fuel filter replacement every 30,000 miles, you can avoid this issue.

Battery/Charging System Issues

When you put a new battery in your car, it should last for three to five years. But if it dies at an earlier age, the problem could be with an alternator that isn't charging the battery properly.

Faulty Ignition Switch

For power to be effectively directed to the starter solenoid, you need a healthy ignition switch. Flickering dash lights are an indication of ignition switch trouble.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

As fuel injectors become all gunked-up, the combustion chamber might not be able to receive sufficient fuel to bring your engine roaring to life. You can try pouring a fuel additive into your tank to get rid of pollutants from injectors and intake valves.

Failing Distributor Cap

For voltage to be properly directed to the spark plugs, it's important that moisture isn't finding its way under your distributor cap.

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