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Common Signs of an Engine Problem

Common Signs of an Engine Problem

When you first notice a symptom of engine trouble, it'll be best to get to the shop so the matter can be inspected. If you delay, the problem could quickly worsen to the point that you need very expensive repairs that could've been prevented. At CNC Automotive & Diesel Repair, our local mechanics are experts at accurately diagnosing engine problems. After we've used our technologically-advanced equipment to pinpoint the problem, we'll get right to work on the repairs so you can get your car back as soon as possible.

The Check Engine Light

Some drivers see an illuminated check engine light and worry that their engine is on the brink of total failure. While this isn't necessarily the case, it's still best to take the proper precautions and get to the shop for computerized diagnostics so that any emerging issues can be addressed before they escalate. Common reasons the check engine light turns on include issues with catalytic converters, O2 sensors, and mass airflow sensors.

Symptoms of Engine Trouble

If you hear a noise that seems abnormal, you'll want to further investigate. A tapping noise could mean that you're driving with dangerously low oil. With insufficient lubrication, this noise could arise due to metal-on-metal contact. A knocking noise could emerge for various reasons, including lean air/fuel mixture. Issues with an O2 sensor, spark plugs, or the fuel pump could lead to an air/fuel mixture that has too much air and not enough fuel, leading to multiple detonations and a knocking noise.

Another common sign of an engine problem is that exhaust smoke is discolored. The color of the smoke can provide clues about the underlying issue. Blue-tinted smoke is a sign that oil is leaking. Black smoke is an indication that too much fuel is burning up. White smoke suggests that coolant is leaking internally, and that there is perhaps a blown head gasket.

Power loss is another cause for concern. If you drive an old car that has high miles, you don't automatically need to worry if it's lost a bit of power as the years have gone by. But an abrupt loss of a lot of power is a sign of a serious problem, such as worn-out pistons.

Engine Repair in Troy, MO

When you need auto maintenance in Troy, MO, give CNC Automotive & Diesel Repair a call at 636-528-4808 to schedule an appointment. Our experienced mechanics can expertly complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs before you hit the road!


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