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Warning Signs of Suspension Trouble

Warning Signs of Suspension Trouble

A healthy suspension is necessary for your vehicle to handle safely and smoothly. At the first indication of a suspension problem, you'll want to get to the shop for an inspection. At CNC Automotive & Diesel Repair, our local mechanics are highly experienced with conducting suspension repair in Troy, MO and the surrounding area.

Common Symptoms of a Suspension Problem

Suspension trouble is likely brewing if your vehicle bounces excessively anytime it hits a little bump. And if you hear clunking noises when driving over bumps, then you have evidence of a bad spring. Another indication of a failing spring is that your vehicle slouches in the relevant corner.

You can also do a simple test to get a better idea of your suspension's health. First, make sure your vehicle is safely parked. Then walk to the front end, press down hard on it, rock it twice, and then let go. Next, go to the vehicle's rear and precisely repeat this step. When you release, your vehicle shouldn't rock on its own more than three times. But if it does, then you've got a sign of an unhealthy suspension.

Signs of suspension failure can also arise during the braking process. With a bad suspension, it may feel like your car is nose-diving when you hit the brakes. A faulty suspension can also make it take longer for your car to come to a complete stop after you've begun braking.

There are a few other common indications of suspension trouble to be aware of. For one, a bad suspension can make it feel like your car is drifting or swaying when you go around corners. Also, if you can see oil leaking out onto your shocks, then it's probably time for them to be replaced. And with a faulty suspension, tire tread may wear down unevenly, resulting in bald spots on tires.

Suspension Repair in Troy, MO

When you need auto maintenance in Troy, MO, give CNC Automotive & Diesel Repair a call at 636-528-4808 to schedule an appointment. Our experienced mechanics can expertly complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs before you hit the road!


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