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What are common signs of diesel engine trouble?

What are common signs of diesel engine trouble?

As your diesel engine works hard to haul loads, regular wear and tear can eventually cause problems to develop. At the first indication of diesel engine failure, it'll be best to visit a mechanic who specializes in diesel repair. At CNC Automotive & Diesel Repair, our local mechanics are experts at diagnosing and fixing diesel engine problems. Come and see us if you notice any of the following signs of diesel engine trouble.

Warning Signs of a Diesel Engine Problem

Power loss is one potential sign of serious trouble. This could be caused by worn-out head gaskets, piston rings, and valves. Another sign of a significant problem is blue smoke, which could mean that you have a worn cylinder or that your engine is burning oil. With blue smoke, it's also worth considering piston damage and turbocharger problems.

Overconsumption of oil is another red flag. This suggests you have an oil leak, which is something that should be addressed ASAP. Potential locations of oil leaks include piston rings and cylinder liners. Also, if you hear a knocking noise, then you may have contaminated oil, though this sound could also arise due to something such as a worn-out piston skirt.

Another cause for concern is that your diesel engine doesn't start up easily. This could be occurring due to worn-out combustion chamber parts. A clogged fuel filter is also a possible culprit. And your engine might struggle to fire up if there's air in the fuel from a leak in the fuel lines or pump.

Worsening fuel-efficiency is also a sign of trouble. This could become an issue if you have damaged fuel injectors or rings. And if your injectors fail, then an excessive amount of diesel could leak into the chamber and cause significant issues.

Diesel Engine Repair in Troy, MO

When you need auto maintenance in Troy, MO, give CNC Automotive & Diesel Repair a call at 636-528-4808 to schedule an appointment. Our experienced mechanics can expertly complete any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs before you hit the road!


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